Tax Talk

Save Big on the New Tax Plan

February 22, 2017

The new President is now in office and just a few weeks into his presidency there is one hot issue on the front burner that is garnering widespread interest across the country: Taxes. American taxpayers from coast to coast are asking themselves, “What is the likely tax plan?” and “What tax-saving strategies can I implement?”

Okay, perhaps there a few other issues generating more attention than taxes but tax reform is among the top priorities on the President’s agenda. Many elements of the plan, if pushed through Congress, will have a significant impact on millions of American taxpayers.  Some proposals may not materialize, however, now is the time for taxpayers to consider tax-saving strategies that hedge on what a final tax reform could look like.  By placing their bets now and making their moves before Congress decides taxpayers could save “big-league.”

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Business Strategy

What Makes a Sales Plan an Effective Tool for Growth?

February 15, 2017

When you start building your company and selling your product, it’s all new and exciting – explaining what you see as the customer solution, negotiating futures and features, even asking for the order.  If you are successful, you will soon look to expand your capacity to sell. Looking to hire the first dedicated sales person is a scary proposition.   There are many questions that come up: some are important and immediately addressable like who are your customers, where are they located and how will you pay your sales team.  Some will work themselves out over time like where should the resources be located; Near the customers or will they travel?

Figuring out and negotiating the compensation component is something that needs to addressed upfront.  Understand that your sales compensation plan will change as your company changes.  Your first attempt will not be perfect, however, if you think about it critically and build in some basic elements it can be an effective tool to grow your business.

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