Why Having Accurate Financials Is Important

August 02, 2016

Entrepreneurs often wonder if preparing financial statements is a necessary activity or an indulgence they can postpone to a later time. However, each of the three components of financial statements serves a critical purpose in communicating the financial status of a business: the income statement details the profitability of the business, the balance sheet indicates the business’s net worth, and the cash flow statements describe how cash is generated and used.Read More


Slack, a former tempCFO client, making waves in the investment arena!!

August 02, 2016

Slack, the popular messaging app for co-workers to chat, share files and distract each other with GIFs, has taken some major steps forward to establish itself as a wider productivity platform. As of today, there are 600 apps integrated with the service, letting you bring in content from other services and share it with other users by way of simple, short codes. And now the company is expanding on another part of its platform strategy.

Today, Slack announced that it has invested a total of $1.97 million in 14 startups and unveiled the latest 11 in that list — all bot-style services. The investment comes by way of its Slack Fund, an $80 million investment vehicle first announced in December 2015, where Slack is teaming up with several top VCs to put money into promising startups as part of larger early-stage rounds.

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