Shipt, A tempCFO Client, Raises $20M & Innovates Alabama Startup Scene

August 09, 2016

Two-year-old startup Shipt, a fresh food delivery service based in Birmingham, Alabama, has scaled up and taken off in the startup world, in Birmingham and beyond. Shipt now serves twenty-seven cities in nine states, mostly in the Southeast part of the United States: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and Ohio. The startup provides same-day grocery shopping and delivery services, rivaling its multi-billion dollar San Francisco competitor Instacart.Read More


The Value of An Audit

August 02, 2016

Most companies will, at some point, need to go through an audit. This may be driven by merger with or acquisition by a larger or public company, a company going public itself, or just with capital infusion from an institutional investor who requires audited financials. Audits may sound painful, and they can be, but they offer substantial value to companies and their leadership.
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