Venture Capital Term Sheets – What to know

May 16, 2017

Term sheets are an integral element of fundraising from investors and Venture Capital funds. After your investment pitch builds investor interest and develops into negotiation a term sheet becomes the basis on which an initial agreement on deal terms is signed. The parties can then go into detailed due diligence to hammer out all the specific and close on the actual investment knowing that there is intention round the table to complete the process.

Entrepreneurs must be proficient and knowledgeable when it comes to term sheets – you can rely on legal counsel and your CFO for a lot of backup and expertise but this doesn’t preclude the need for the entrepreneur to understand the details in a term sheet.

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R&D Tax Credit – Are You Eligible?

January 26, 2017

Start-ups have been eligible for the R&D credit for several years now just like any other corporation. But being in the pre-income stage, without any tax liability, their tax credit would be carried on unused for years, sometimes indefinitely. A new law now lets them elect to use the R&D credit against Employer Payroll Taxes. Read our whitepaper for a quick check on your eligibility.

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